JavaFX Performance Tuning Workshop

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JavaFX is a great framework for creating graphically rich and highly interactive applications. The Scene Graph API makes it really easy to visualize your data with rich controls, complex animations and CSS styling. When done right, JavaFX applications can be blazingly fast. But while the high level API protects you from having to write lots of graphics code, it also makes finding (and solving) performance problems hard. This full-day course introduces a proven process to identify and eliminate performance issues in your JavaFX application.

Topics covered:

  • General performance tuning and benchmarks: Identify the real root of your performance problems
  • Actual performance versus perceived performance
  • Performance goals, benchmarks and tests
  • Understanding the scene graph and the rendering process
  • Tools for analyzing the rendering process
  • When and how to use immediate mode rendering with JavaFX Canvas
  • Performance impact of animations and effects
  • Virtualization - how to create your own virtualized controls
  • Caching - API supported and custom controlled
  • FXML performance Tuning
  • Performance characteristics of controls
  • Improving CSS performance
  • Tipps and Tricks

To test and prove these concepts, we'll examine dozens of real-world examples and solve problems in practical tuning exercices.

After this course you'll know how to identify the source of performance bottlenecks in your own applications, understand the reason behind them, and learn how to solve them.

Trainer: Anton Epple

Preis: 950,81 EUR